Flour like at your home




Molino Verrini organizes a number of courses in collaboration with “Modena con Gusto”, a cooking school in Modena founded as part of a project by ISCOM Formazione Modena, which offers a wide range of training opportunities for the catering industry.

You will have the opportunity to “put your skills into practice” and see Molino Verrini flour in action, with the guidance of leading experts in the industry of bread, pizza, pasta and pastry making.

You can attend professional cooking classes, specially designed for those who want to get started in the world of food, but also for anyone wishing to improve and innovate their existing skills.

Courses for enthusiasts and theme nights are organized as well for anyone wishing to improve their cooking skills in a practical and exciting way.

Write to info@molinoverrini.com to find out more!

Have fun!