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Millers since 1927


In 1927 Dante Verrini, the eldest son of a family of farmers living in Fossoli, a village in the municipality of Carpi, decided to start a new business and moved to Mandrio, a small town in the province of Reggio Emilia, where he began to manage a stone mill and founded Molino Verrini.
Dante Verrini



The eldest sons of Dante, Millo and Enzo, who had worked as assistants in a mill based in Carpi, began to help their father together with their younger brothers. They were in charge of running the mill, while their father looked after purchases and sales.




From left to right: Velia Verrini, Milvio Verrini, Millo Verrini, Paolo Verrini and Enzo Verrini


After ten years of hard work, in the 1940s, they managed to buy the mill and the first rolling mills, and transformed Molino Verrini into a modern and fully automated roller mill.




The first mill in Mandrio


In the meantime, the Verrini family was growing bigger, meaning that they could rely on additional work force. When in 1952 they had the opportunity to run the mill of Carpi, much larger and more efficient than the previous one, they finally managed to buy it.




Molino Verrini in Carpi in 1950s


In the 1950s Molino Verrini introduced its own vehicles in order to serve more efficiently the growing number of customers in the local area.


In 1962, at the age of eighteen, Paolo Verrini, son of Enzo, joined the company as an administrative clerk and, together with Giovanni Verrini, is the current director of F.lli Verrini Srl. 




One of the first vehicles owned by Molino Verrini



In 1968 the old roller mill was completely replaced and a new pneumatic grinding system was installed. It included 8 rolling mills, 2 purifiers and 2 latest-generation Golfetto plansichters





1968, Millo Verrini holding Giovanni Verrini in his arms



In 1974 Molino Verrini received the gold medal by “Associazione Panificatori di Bologna” for its contribution to the excellence and success of the bread-making industry in the city of Bologna. 





Enzo, Millo and Danilo Verrini receiving the gold medal in 1974



On 27 December 1983, Millo Verrini, Dante’s eldest son, received the title of “Cavaliere al Merito” of the Italian Republic.


In 1995 a new office block was built, together with an adjacent laboratory for quality control. At the same time, 4 new stainless steel mixing bins were implemented. 


In a constant search for improvement and innovation, in 2001 the company replaced the two old plansichters and the entire pneumatic system. 





The laboratory built in 1995


In order to guarantee the local origin of raw materials, in April 2016 the company obtained the UNI EN ISO 22005 certification, the reference standard for food traceability, and started the production of its certified “0 km” flour, thanks to the “short supply chain” agreements made with local farmers.





The mill in the early 2000s


In May 2016, Molino Verrini received the Nicolò Biondo award, a prestigious award given to local companies that stand out for their entrepreneurial activity. 





Paolo and Giovanni Verrini collecting the Nicolò Biondo award


In November 2018 Molino Verrini obtained the certification for organic production in accordance with the European Regulation EC 834/2007. For this type of production, Molino Verrini uses exclusively Italian organic wheat. 

Today, Molino Verrini, thanks to the knowledge and experience gained with four generations of millers, is able to offer a range of premium quality products and tailored services to its customers, from delivery to after-sales. This is also one of the reasons why the company has been highly valued by customers for over 90 years.