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Soft wheat flour
born for Pizza.



For the preparation of pizza, Molino Verrini offers three flours that are suitable for all types of processing, for direct and indirect doughs, and for short, medium and long rising times.


For short and medium leavening, Molino Verrini uses only wheat coming from Emilia Romagna in order to provide a local product that has a genuine and natural taste.


For long leavening, a carefully selected blend of national and foreign wheat of premium quality is used, in order to guarantee excellent results in terms of flavour, fragrance and friability.


To obtain a pizza with a rustic flavour and in line with the needs of our consumers, who are paying more and more attention to raw materials, Molino Verrini offers Whole-wheat range of flours, which can be used alone or freely mixed with other flours.

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